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2020 Morgan County Gun Club Championship Winners

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

Morgan County Club Championship


The Morgan County Gun Club held its yearly club championship Sunday, September 27th. The weather was beautiful. The club championship is the last competitive shoot of the year in our area, so participants come to visit with friends, enjoy good food, & shoot. Shooters traveled from many areas around Ohio, and West Virginia to the club.

Sunday morning started with practice then 12 doubles’ shooters shot 50 pair each. Some of our shooting friends don’t compete in the doubles, as it takes another gun or set of barrels capable of shooting twice. It can be very aggravating, but fun and you shoot 100 shells fast! High doubles award went to Hunter Galay from Minerva with a score of 98-100. Hunter was home for the weekend from the service; he shot great. Thank you for your service.
Before the 100-Bird Program shooters enjoyed a good meal. The club furnished chicken while shooters brought a covered dish or dessert. Larry Wise baked his delicious pies; blackberry, apple, peach, and cherry which some ate before their meal.

Sunday’s championship program consisted of 100 targets: 50 singles (singles/16 yard) & 50 ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) handicap (hdcp) targets. Shooters shoot ATA assigned yardage or 23 yard minimum. Hdcp targets are thrown from the 19 yard line to the 27 yard line, depending on shooter’s ability. 27 shooters competed this year. Awards were given to high gun member, high gun open, high gun open singles, high gun open handicap, high gun open veteran 70+, high gun open junior18 and under, and high gun open lady.

Zack Carr, of Athens, won the Member Belt Buckle with a score of 94-100 (48-50 singles/46-50 hdcp; ATA 23 yd). Zack has only been shooting at the club for a couple of years. He won High Gun Open last year. He became a member last year after the club championship, which qualified him for the club belt buckle. Zack’s very competitive and dedicated to improving his skills.

Club members as well as non-club members are eligible for remaining awards. David Crossman from Newcomerstown won High Gun Open with a score of 95-100 (47-50 singles/48-50 hdcp; ATA 20 yd). Mike Snyder, Glen Easton, WV won High Gun Handicap with a score of 93-100 (46-50 Singles/47-50 Hdcp; 24.5 ATA ydg). Award for Singles was the only shoot-off of the day. Bill Swanger from N. Canton, Lloyd Riedenbaugh from N. Canton, and Peggy Wise, local, broke 50-50 from the 16 yard line( singles). They shot another 25 targets to determine high singles. Peggy broke another 25 straight to earn the award.(75-75 Singles); 93-100 (50-50 singles/ 43-50 hdcp; ATA 26 yd). Megan Snyder, Glen Easton, WV won High Junior (18 and under) 93-100 (48-50 singles/ 45-50 hdcp; ATA 21 yd). Beverly Scott from Louisville earned High Lady 90-100 (47-50 singles/43-50 hdcp; ATA 25 yd). Veteran 70+ award was won by Ron Fisher of Kimbolton shooting 92-100 (45-50 singles/47-50 hdcp; ATA 20yd).

Larry and Peggy Wise celebrated their 51st Wedding Anniversary. Their daughter, Lynette, surprised them with a cake to share with their shooting friends.
Club members are helpful and encourage young shooters in the sport. Trapshooting teaches gun safety, responsibility, and is a very competitive sport. The gun club is open every Saturday at noon to shoot practice, a mini-program, and/or a 50-bird program. Anyone interested in learning how to shoot trap is welcome. Individuals at the club will assist you. If you have any questions, contact club president, Larry Wise, 962-4701, or checkout our website,

#1 Zack Carr, High Gun Member
#2 David Crossman Open Champion; Ron Fisher VET Champion

Scott Fisher
Zack Carr High Gun Member.
Dave Crossman Ron Fisher
Crossman Open Champion, Fisher VET Champion.